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Do clients need agents to drive them around town for showings? They've got Uber for that. Do clients need agents for data? Like it or not, they've got Google and Zillow for that. Then what do clients need real estate agents for? Realtivity believes that agents are needed for the professional execution of a transaction, and for the willingness to do what most of our clients are unwilling to do while making life changes. Realtivity is here to empower YOU to execute with technology!

Slack for real estate on steroids

  • All your real estate deals at a glance

    Without fancy dashboards and complicated graphs, you can view and manage your real estate deals on your mobile phone all in one place. Keep tabs on your pipeline and incoming revenue at a glance.

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  • Communication and collaboration
  • Chats, texts, and emails delivered in one place for all

    Do your clients call, text, email, Facebook you, or all of the above? Not only it is unproductive to monitor multiple communication platforms, messages also get lost in translation from time to time. Realtivity puts chats, texts, and emails for all collaborators in channels you create, so that everyone is on the same page at the same time. And when it is time to turn everything off, your digital assistant will help protect your schedule.

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  • Communication and collaboration
  • Messaging on steroids, with things real estate integrated

    Real estate is a serious business, and stickers are not enough for having a meaningful real estate conversation. We have integrated listings, photos, appointments, transaction reminders, contract emails, bookmarks, FAQs, and ShowingRoutes into Realtivity’s chat channels to power your business conversations.

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  • Communication and collaboration

Showing automation

Are you still writing lockbox codes on a piece of paper and bringing them to showings? Have you wondered if someday you won’t have to spend hours just to get showings scheduled, get everyone informed, and get listings onto a map before heading out of the door? Realtivity makes that a reality. Our digital assistant Tily will automatically schedule showings, map them out, get everyone informed, set up your calendars, and remind you when you need to start driving. In markets where digital implementation is restricted, our human assistants are here to complete the tasks, so that you will never have to again.

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  • Realtivity Smart ShowingRoutes make working with buyers so much easier.
  • Realtivity Showing History helps bring clarity and focus on home search.
  • Realtivity Programmed to encourage clients to select a Winner House after showings.

Digital and human assistants on demand





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